About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Patti Miller and I am a southern artist born and raised on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay in Fairhope, Alabama. Drawing from my southern coastal roots and my faith as a Christian, I create unique designs that are bold, fun and inspiring. I studied and graduated with a BFA in illustration and design from Auburn University and I contribute my success as an artist to being just courageous enough to make mistakes and learn from the process of creating visually both the things that work and the things that don’t. I love to paint on wood but my long time love is relief printmaking, which I have just recently returned to and am so excited about. In relief printmaking I take one of my designs and transfer a mirror image of it onto either cutting linoleum, called a linocut, or wood, called a woodcut. Then I carve the image out of the linoleum/wood and roll ink onto the raised surface. Basically I am hand making a stamp that I can ink and print onto paper, fabric or wood. It is a very process oriented method and I love the whole process of designing, carving and printing. All of my prints are hand pulled meaning that there is no press, no computer or digital images being reproduced. Everything you see is done individually by my hands and of course good old fashioned art supplies like paper, ink, paint, etc.

My husband and I relocated to the mid-west in the summer of 2016 to be near children and grandchildren and I work from my studio in Seymour, Indiana. My most precious work at this time involves keeping my 1 year old grandson and am excited too to be expecting another grandson in 2017. Thankfully creating art allows me to take time to also care for grandchildren.

Basically there are two brands of my art. The first and most personal work is Jubilee Art which is a collection of religious designs painted onto either canvas or wooden crosses. I have been painting wooden crosses since 2002 and have also licensed some of these designs to gift manufacturing companies. At this time my religious work is made to order and commissioned work only.

The other brand that I have recently created is called Spot On. It is a line of prints and wearable art in the form of tee-shirts and children’s clothing. With this line I am creating designs that someone will look at instantly say to themselves now that is “spot on and I want it” or “I know someone who needs that.” I want it to have an artsy feel that is uniquely Patti Miller style and I want it to be fun to give, decorate with, and to wear.

Thanks y'all for visiting and have fun shopping on my site!

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